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Best Mini Labradoodle Baby


F1 Mini Labradoodle Puppy near Caledonia, IL

Paws Pattern

GENTRY's Details

Age 1 month, 20 days old
Birth Date 4/2/2024
Gender Male
Puppy Weight 5lb 3oz @ 5.9 weeks (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 25-45 lbs
Mom Labrador Retriever
95.0 lbs
Dad Poodle
11.5 lbs
Mini Labradoodle Breed Info

Mini Labradoodle Breed Info

The Mini Labradoodle is a designer doodle breed, a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Miniature Poodle, resulting in a dog that is both hypoallergenic and full of personality. These dogs are intelligent, friendly, and outgoing, making them great family pets. 

One of the most attractive qualities of the Mini Labradoodle is their hypoallergenic coat. They produce less dander than other breeds, making them a great choice for people with allergies. Their coat is also soft, curly, and low-shedding. 

Mini Labradoodles are known for their friendly and curious personalities. They love to play and explore and are great with kids. They are also highly adaptable to different living situations and are highly trainable. This sweet pup can range in size from 15-25 pounds and stand between 14-16 inches tall at the shoulder. They can come in a variety of colors, including cream, chocolate, black, and parti-colored. 

The Mini Labradoodle is a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a hypoallergenic, friendly, and intelligent dog that will bring joy to their lives.