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Mini Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale Near Lemont, IL

Cute Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Delivered in Lemont, Illinois with Windy City Pups

Welcome to Windy City Pups, your premier source for adorable and healthy Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Lemont, Illinois. We are committed to assisting you in your quest to find the perfect Mini Goldendoodle puppy, a friendly and intelligent breed recognized for its hypoallergenic coat and compact size. 

Mini Goldendoodles, a delightful blend of the Golden Retriever and Miniature Poodle breeds, bring a splash of joy to any home. With their playful nature, boundless affection, and an endearing teddy bear-like appearance,

Mini Goldendoodles are truly special. Here at Windy City Pups, we relish in the unique allure of Mini Goldendoodles and are thrilled to guide you in welcoming one of these beloved companions into your family. 

Every Mini Goldendoodle puppy at Windy City Pups is born from health-tested, meticulously chosen parents to ensure your new fur-baby represents the breed's admirable qualities. Prior to joining their forever families, our puppies are socialized extensively, fully vaccinated, and health-checked to guarantee their wellbeing and readiness to transition into their new homes. 

As a distinguished Mini Goldendoodle breeder for Lemont, Illinois, our focus is on providing a supportive, straightforward, and enriching experience for our customers. Our expert team is available to answer all your questions, provide guidance, and accompany you throughout the adoption process. Our duty extends far beyond the sale – we offer ongoing support, plentiful resources, and a 10-year health guarantee for each Mini Goldendoodle puppy. 

Utilizing our nationwide delivery service, we can ensure your dream Mini Goldendoodle puppy arrives right at your doorstep, irrespective of where you reside in the country. 

Kickstart your journey today! Explore our available Mini Goldendoodle puppies and prepare to welcome an affectionate, joyful, and intelligent companion into your life.  

A few of our Mini Goldendoodle Pups

Mini Goldendoodle Breed Info

Mini Goldendoodle Breed Info

A mini Goldendoodle is a small to medium-sized crossbreed dog that is created by breeding a Golden Retriever with a Miniature Poodle. These dogs are known for their intelligence and their friendly, affectionate personalities. They are often very social and enjoy spending time with their families.  

Mini Goldendoodles are known for their curly, wavy coats which come in a variety of colors, including cream, gold, and apricot. They are generally low shedding and are well-suited to families with allergies. Because of their small size, they are well-suited to apartment living and do well in a variety of living environments. Overall, mini Goldendoodles are playful, and loving, and make great companions.