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Havachon Pup Being Cute


Havachon Puppy near Caledonia, IL

Paws Pattern

DIAZ's Details

Age 2 months, 5 days old
Birth Date 4/16/2024
Gender Female
Puppy Weight 2lb 4oz @ 5.9 weeks (measured at 8 wks)
Est Adult Weight 10-14 lbs
Mom Havanese
10.0 lbs
Dad Bichon Frise
12.0 lbs
Havachon Breed Info

Havachon Breed Info

This delightful designer breed combines the best of two popular dogs: the Havanese and the Bichon Frise. The result is a small, fluffy bundle of joy that will surely capture your heart and brighten your life. Havachons are known for their outgoing personalities, which makes them excellent family pets. They thrive on social interaction, so you'll always have a furry friend eager to spend time with you.  

Their small size makes them well-suited for apartment living, but don't be fooled, these little dogs have energy to spare. They adore playtime and will happily join you on walks or romp around in the backyard. 

One of the most striking features of the Havachon is their beautiful, silky coat. This breed sports a luxurious, hypoallergenic fur that is perfect for allergy sufferers. Regular grooming is essential to keep their locks looking gorgeous, but the effort is well worth it when you see the result; a stunning, well-groomed dog that turns heads wherever they go. 

Havachons adapt well to different lifestyles, making them great companions for singles, seniors, or families. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones and are always eager to participate in activities or snuggle on the couch.