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Mini Sheepadoodle Breed Information

mini sheepadoodle with short hair

The Mini Sheepadoodle is a charming designer doodle breed that is a cross between the Miniature Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog. Known for their friendly and affectionate nature, they are an ideal choice for families, singles, and seniors. 

They are a small-to-medium-sized breed, typically weighing between 25 and 45 pounds and standing 14 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder. Their soft, wavy, and hypoallergenic coat requires minimal grooming and is ideal for people who suffer from allergies. 

These pups are highly intelligent and responsive to positive reinforcement training methods, including verbal praise and treats. Their love for learning makes them an excellent choice for advanced training, such as obedience, agility, and therapy work. 

Mini Sheepadoodles have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, with their health being influenced by various factors such as diet, genetics, and exercise. To ensure their health and well-being, it is important to provide them with a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and attentive care. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with an Old English Sheepdog ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Intelligent, Loving, Friendly, Gentle ADULT WEIGHT 25-45 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 15-20 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • They are an adaptable breed that can adjust to various living conditions and environments, including apartment living 
  • Mini Sheepadoodles are social dogs that enjoy being around people and other dogs, making them an excellent choice for families with multiple pets 
  • They are known for their playful and affectionate nature, which makes them excellent playmates for children and adults 
  • They have a curly and low-shedding coat that is easy to maintain and requires minimal grooming 
  • They are an athletic and agile breed that excels in various dog sports, such as agility and obedience 
    They are eager to please their owners and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods 
  • The Mini Sheepadoodle has an average lifespan of around 12-15 years, which is relatively long for a small breed 
black and white sheepadoodle mini


The Mini Sheepadoodle is a delightful hybrid breed that was developed by crossbreeding the Miniature Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog. They have a charming and lovable personality, which makes them a popular choice for families. 

Their soft and curly coat is thick, hypoallergenic, and low shedding, making them ideal for people with allergies. Mini Sheepadoodles come in a range of colors such as black and white, brown, grey, and cream. Their medium-sized build and muscular stature with a broad head and big, floppy ears make them irresistibly cute. 

The breed's square-shaped body, straight legs, and rounded paws make them perfect for families with children. 


The Mini Sheepadoodle is more than just a designer breed, they are a loyal and friendly companion that can bring joy and happiness to any home. This breed is known for being gentle and lively, making them the perfect choice for families with children. They have an adaptable nature and can thrive in different living situations if they receive the proper exercise and mental stimulation. 

One of the most outstanding features of the Mini Sheepadoodle is their intelligence. They are highly trainable and respond well to positive reinforcement methods. Their eagerness to please their owners makes training them a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Mini Sheepadoodles also love having a job to do, which is one of the reasons why they excel in advanced training, such as obedience, agility, and therapy work. 

Despite their small size, Mini Sheepadoodles are also fiercely loyal and make excellent watchdogs. They have a protective nature and will do whatever it takes to keep their owners safe. Mini Sheepadoodles are highly social animals and enjoy spending time with humans and other animals. They are the perfect companion for anyone looking for a loyal and loving friend. 



The Mini Sheepadoodle's gorgeous coat is one of its most distinctive features, and it's also a delight for dog owners who love a cuddly and adorable pet. With their soft and fluffy texture, it's hard to resist snuggling up with this lovable designer breed. 

But what makes the Mini Sheepadoodle even more special is that they are a low-shedding breed, which means less hassle and less cleaning for their owners. The coat is a combination of the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog, two hypoallergenic and low-shedding breeds, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies or those who prefer a cleaner home. 

To keep this amazing coat healthy and tangle-free, the Mini Sheepadoodle requires regular grooming. While grooming can be a challenge for some breeds, it's a delightful bonding experience for this one. Regular brushing twice a week helps remove loose hair and prevents matting, which could cause skin irritation or even the need for a complete shave. 

The Mini Sheepadoodle's coat also comes with natural odor control, which means it won't need frequent bathing. Plus, they enjoy grooming, which makes it easier for their owners to maintain their coats. When it's time for a bath, use a gentle shampoo specifically formulated for dogs to avoid any skin irritation. 

Their nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent joint problems and discomfort, but this doesn't have to be a tedious task, as some Mini Sheepadoodles love getting their nails trimmed. Their ears should also be cleaned at least once a week, and their eyes should be checked regularly to prevent tear staining. 

Exercise Needs

The Mini Sheepadoodle is an adventurous and happy-go-lucky dog that thrives on being active. Give these dogs a yard to romp in, and they will be forever grateful. They enjoy things like running or jogging alongside their owners, interacting with others at dog parks, and going on any type of adventure with their humans. 

Daily exercise is a must for these beautiful, energetic dogs. While they are comfortable in a more relaxed environment, they do thrive on 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise. Exercising them can take many forms. They do well with simple walks around the neighborhood, morning and evening jogs, playtime indoors that includes a game of fetching or hide-and-seek, and active interactions with other dogs at the park. 


Although generally a healthy breed, like all dogs, Mini Sheepadoodles can be susceptible to certain health conditions. However, by being aware of these common issues, you can help keep your furry friend happy and healthy for years to come. 

Some of the most common health concerns found in Mini Sheepadoodles include progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, allergies, and ear infections. It's important to note that hip dysplasia is more common in larger breeds, but Mini Sheepadoodles can also be prone to it due to their size. 

The good news is that many of these health problems can be prevented or managed through routine check-ups and vaccinations at the vet's office. Feeding your Mini Sheepadoodle a nutritious diet and providing them with regular exercise can also help promote their overall health and well-being. 

In addition, proper dental hygiene is an essential aspect of their health. Regular teeth cleaning is important to prevent dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay. With the right care and attention, your Mini Sheepadoodle can live a long, happy, and healthy life as your loyal companion. 


Compared to many other breeds, the Mini Sheepadoodle enjoys a longer lifespan, with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. However, many factors can impact their lifespan, including exercise, diet, and overall health. 

To ensure their lifespan is as long and healthy as possible, it's important to provide them with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, as well as proper attention and care. Regular check-ups and vaccinations at the vet's office can also help to prevent or catch any potential health issues early on. 

It's worth noting that genetics can also play a role in their lifespan. Therefore, it's best to obtain Mini Sheepadoodles from reputable breeders who perform genetic health testing to ensure the parent dogs are healthy. 


Mini sheepadoodle puppies are intelligent dogs that are sure to impress anyone with their learning skills. Inheriting their intelligence from both parents, these puppies are one of the easiest doodles to train. All you need is patience, consistency, and a routine to get these puppies to become well-rounded adults. 

The most important part of training any dog breed is socialization. This should be done early to get the best and fastest results. Ideally, you should introduce your puppy gradually to family members, other pets, and experiences. Once their vaccinations are up to date and they are ready to venture outside, introducing different places, dogs, and people is a must. This will help them become more confident and outgoing.  

Basic training can start as soon as you bring your puppy home. You can begin potty training and basic commands in the first week of having your puppy.  

Being as intelligent as they are, mini sheepadoodles will also thrive on advanced training that challenges them both physically and mentally. They can excel in dog sports and can be trained for various jobs.  


Mini Sheepadoodles are a special type of dog that was created not so long ago in the 1990s. They were created by breeding two different kinds of dogs: the Miniature Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog. These cute pups are great pets for families and will always be loyal and loving.  

Because the Mini Sheepadoodle is a relatively new breed, we can learn about their history by looking at the history of their parents' breeds. The Miniature Poodle was initially bred in France and was primarily used for hunting small game. The Old English Sheepdog, also known as the OES, was developed in England and was a herding and livestock guardian dog. 

The breeders were aiming to create a smaller and hypoallergenic version of the Sheepadoodle by combining the Poodle's hypoallergenic coat and intelligence with the Old English Sheepdog's friendly and gentle nature. 

Although the Mini Sheepadoodle is not yet acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC), it is recognized by numerous designer dog registries, including the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), Designer Breed Registry (DBR), and Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC).